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Apple watch announced with LTE capability

In a mega event at Steve Jobs theater, Apple announced its Apple Watch Series 3 today, that has LTE-compatibility. This means you can have a calls without your phone and now stream music. Apple announced today that the Apple Watch is now the “number one watch in the world” in terms of revenue, beating out Rolex, Fossil, and Omega, and that the device experienced a 50 percent year-over-year growth.

Apple watch Series 3 will be enabled with cellular GPS, Swimproof, 70% faster dual core processor, W2 wireless chip, barometric altimeter, all day battery and most important WatchOs4.


Orders will start by September 15th and available from September 22nd and Apple Watch Series 3 price is $399, $329 without cellular. Series 2 now $249.

Dierdre, an Apple Watch team member, did a call on Apple Watch with Jeff William to show call demonstration in the event.

The Apple Watch 3’s display is the cellular antenna. There’s an electronic SIM integrated directly into the Watch. Same size case. Siri can talks on the Apple Watch now, not just text. This is enabled by a new Dual-core processor that has 70% more power. The wireless W2 chip uses 40% less power.

You can have same number as your iPhone. Your location will switch over to your watch automatically. Next month, user will be able to stream music on Apple Watch.

Apple watch will also be able to communicate with exercise machines and will now notify you if you have an elevated heart rate but don’t appear to be active.


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