5 Popular YouTube Channel Ideas to Get You Started


Starting a YouTube channel is a lot of work.
Not only do you have to spend valuable time scripting, producing, and editing videos.
But you also have to find a good topic you’re passionate about .
And must important make sure it resonates with people.
To help you, we found nine popular YouTube categories that you can start channel about now.

Youtube channel ideas :
⦁ Comedy Sketches
⦁ Music
⦁ Lifehacks
⦁ Comment on What’s Current: News
⦁ Makeup / Beauty Tutorials
This post is best thing you will read today ,
Because if you wanted to start a YouTube channel but finding it challenging to think of the channel topic,
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So let’s get started

  1. Comedy Sketches:

Do you know ..?
Some of the most successful YouTubers create comedy sketches, likeJimmy Tatro a college kid who made hilarious videos for fun,
but ended up turning it into a career, amassing over 3 million + subscribers to this day.
Other example Jenna Marbles, a blogger turned YouTube sensation who has over 19 million + subscribers .
Jenna and Jimmy both built their YouTube channel followings with low-production videos,
But they completely nailed the humor in most of their videos, too .
With this in mind, if you can write a good funny script,
Then building a successful comedy channel with a low budget is definitely possible.

  1. Music

Cover songs are some of the most entertaining videos on YouTube.
People love listening aspiring artists’ personal twists on their favorite songs.
So if you can sing or play instruments, consider covering trending, hit songs and upload them to YouTube.
Who knows, maybe you could even get discovered and become the next Justin Bieber .

  1. Unboxing

Unboxing youtube channels are one of the most popular YouTube videos, and people love to watch them.
People like to see someone unpackaging a product and talking about what’s in there.
There are literally thousands of youtube channels doing the same thing
And they get million’s of views and subscribers.
If you’re good at discussing features and have some good video skills, this niche will be golden.
Also You don’t have to stick to gadgets or smartphones
There are some channels unbox toys, food packs, and even a shoes to name a few.
How to Monetize:
⦁ Affiliate Marketing
⦁ Sponsored Videos
⦁ YouTube AdSense
YouTube Channel Examples:
⦁ Unbox Therapy

  1. Lifehacks

These are one of my favorite videos, and I can watch them for hours .
The thing is that I get to learn something which quite possibly will help me in a few weeks or months .
One thing you’ll notice is, these Lifehacks videos aren’t too long.
I mean, you can quickly make a lists of “101 life hacks,” but that’d be just too boring to watch .
Instead, the videos are broken down into 10-15 life hacks and under 5-10 minutes. Also, there is less talking and more demonstration.
If you’re creative and have some tricks under your sleeves, i recommend
start a life hack channel.
You can also talk about airport hacks, money saving, daily life hacks, etc.
One of the best example lifehack youtube channel is Bright Side.

  1. Comment on What’s Current: News

Lot of people do really well on YouTube by doing vlog or comedy videos on newsworthy topics or celebrity gossip .
Beest example is Philip DeFranco is one such YouTuber who has always been at the top of the news game with the Philip DeFranco Show.
Comparable to starting a channel offering life advise , you can even put a spin on news by offering your own opinions and even comments on the stories you decide to cover.

6.Makeup / Beauty Tutorials

Makeup, hair, skincare and other related beauty regimens often require being seen
It’s quite easier to master a winged eyeliner effect by watching someone else do it , instead of reading a bunch of steps in plain text.
Makeup and beauty youtube channels are a popular choice among young women on YouTube.
Michelle Phan has one of the most recognized youtube channels in this category,
But there are thousands of make up and beauty gurus out there sharing their amazing talents and opinion, choices.
My words
Remember the only way to achieve YouTube success in a world .
Is to be something unique that viewers didn’t know they needed.
Ask yourself: do you have what it takes to become a next YouTube star? If the answer is a resounding YES, get ready to put in the hard miles.
I hope the research and hard work I put into it, was worth your precious time and you found at least one YouTube Channel ideas worth continuing.
Also there are many ideas you can start but these are the most famous one you can start.

Written by wcchub.com