7 Easy Ways to Invest in Blockchain Technology

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Do you ever receive calls from a sales representative or a customer service rep from a company
promoting a product or asking you to make an investment? It is a common practice among companies.
They appoint individuals to contact people. The companies extract these numbers from a list that they
get from various software. A very recent form of investment that has also been quite popular among is
in the blockchain technology. While many want to invest in it, people are still not sure about the risks

Today’s blog will tell you all about the ways to invest in the blockchain technology.


MasterCard is in the cryptocurrency loop. In fact, the blockchain and MasterCard both accomplish the
same thing. Block Chain is a more recent way of exchanging money for goods or services. While doing
so, the borders or currency exchange walls do not get in the way. It is for this reason that MasterCard
started supporting payments using any blockchain based technology.


Another way of investing in blockchain technology is through stocks. In fact, investing through stocks is
perhaps the most common thought that comes to an individual’s mind when thinking about investing in
blockchain technology. Stocks are also a very good option if you are considering investing in blockchain
technology. If you want to consider blockchain technology stocks, the following are the options that you
should consider:

360 Block Chain Inc– The company’s mission is to empower blockchain technology. That, too, with
the company’s own capital. This helps the company’s shareholders to get hands on the best
opportunities available. A Canadian based company, 360 Block Chain Inc now posts its annual
revenue for public display.

IBM– The company holds its own blockchain technology. The company also joined the Hyperledger
Project. This aim of the project was to help IBM develop the earliest versions of its blockchain. IBM
claims that its black chain technology is profitable for businesses. Hence, making it a consider-
worthy option.

Hive Block Chain Technologies– This company is trying to build the bridge between the blockchain
sector and the traditional capital markets. The company currently focuses on mining Ethereum. It
has four units. Two in Iceland and the other two in Sweden.


In the recent past, many startups wowed the world with their innovative ideas. These startups also
experienced great success right from the beginning. If you pull out a list of all these startups, you will
notice that one thing is common between them all- blockchain. So, whenever you are planning to invest
in a startup, look for the one whose idea revolves around blockchain. Basic Attention Token is one such
startup that revolves around the blockchain technology.

Financial Technologies

Financial technologies deal with banking procedures on a daily basis. These procedures include
investments, selling orders, and payment processing. In order to perform all these functions at a much-

advanced level, FinTech is now accepting e-commerce platforms, banking systems as well as online
exchanges. When such transactions take place, the blockchain startups benefit the most. In fact,
according to research, around 77% of the FinTech companies will be adopting blockchain technology.


Nvidia is a maker of graphics cards as well as computer chips. It is said that graphics cards are required
for the computations that are carried out in Bitcoin mining. The task of mining a Bitcoin is not trusted on
a regular computer. Although they are capable of doing so, graphics processors are way more effective
at performing the job. Hence, the preference.

Eastman Kodak

If you thought that the company behind the camera film is no more, you are wrong. You will be
surprised to know that Eastman Kodak is still around. The company started with the operations of
printing and video film. However, the company does not make much revenue as it once did. But things
might change for the company in the near future. As Kodak is now aiming to cultivate digital currency.
This currency is used to pay for the photographer’s images. Not only this but the feature also aims at
increasing the loyalty of the subscribers. It is called KodakCoin.


Amplify Exchange Traded Funds is another option for you to invest in blockchain technology. A wide
range of the company’s ETFs is index funds. However, the fund BLOK that the company introduced is
whole another ballgame. Investing in this fund will help you invest in the blockchain technology. So, its a continuous struggle with the right decision .  Because you will have to keep yourself posted regarding the ups and downs, the highs and lows in the market.