AI Is Changing Lives By Disrupting These Industries

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According to the 90’s cult-classic, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the artificial intelligence (AI) system called Skynet became self-aware after which it helped bring about the apocalypse. Then in Netflix’s Tau, we see an AI-powered house take control of a woman’s life. In film and other mediums, AI has been depicted as a bane to humanity time and time again, but what about AI in real life?

Contrary to what countless films made us believe, AI isn’t taking any steps towards humanity’s destruction. It is, however, headed to a better future. In fact, technology is continuously evolving, and it is slowly becoming an integral part of our lives. Beyond consumer tech, AI is now a part of these key industries.


There are several AI-backed online educational platforms that give students access to programs that are tailor-made just for them. Aside from that, teachers also use AI to their advantage. Through collaboration, they can use their understanding of human emotion and an AI’s efficiency to provide better programs and learning modules.

Whether or not AI can one day teach students on its own is still unknown, but it is certainly a possibility.


Healthcare is where AI has more potential than anywhere else. It is currently being used as a tool that can help predict diseases, automate diagnostics tests, and improve treatment above anything else.

Thanks to AI technology, these processes are now delivered at a faster and more efficient rate, allowing patients to fend off diseases at early stages.

It’s not just AI that’s upending healthcare as robotics itself is playing a role in the improvement of surgery, lab diagnostics, and more. As more healthcare specialists continue to uncover what AI can do for the industry, we are expected to gain access to more accessible and more affordable treatment in the future.

Chat-Based Call Centers

While chat-based call centers are crucial in resolving issues and requesting orders, one key problem that people often complain about is the long response times. This is a common problem especially in big companies that have to accommodate hundreds of users per hour. However, this is becoming less and less of an issue thanks to AI.

With the help of Google’s TensorFlow platform, some companies can automate a majority of queries using chatbots. Aside from proper responses, customers are getting the answers they want in record-time which is only a few seconds after sending a message. Over time, more companies will begin utilizing chatbots for their online platforms.

Intellectual Property

One of the base functions of AI is image detection. As such, it has become a successful tool when it comes to the protection of intellectual property. Using machine learning, brands are able to easily detect if their trademarked properties are being used without consent.

At this day and age where reposting or copying content online is doable with a single click, AI’s applications in intellectual property are vital.


AI can give retailers an advantage over competitors. Some retailers use chatbots integrated with machine learning. This makes the tech capable of acquiring analytics that the retailer can use to analyze the mood or emotions of the customers while they are browsing online.

They can then use the data to improve services through personalization.

Even retailing giant Amazon has started taking advantage of AI. Since its early days, Amazon has been using the basic form of AI to provide product recommendations for the customers. That technology has been improved over and over again.

Now, robots powered by AI are running Amazon’s massive fulfillment center in Washington. Upon receiving an order, these robots spring into action to ready the product for delivery. This results in faster processing times.

Real Estate

Finding a property that suits our needs is harder than ever as the choices have become limited. While we can always rely on agents or real estate companies for help, the extra expense isn’t that necessary, especially now that AI can help direct us to real estate properties that suit our needs.

Users of certain platforms will automatically be alerted if there are nearby properties that they could find interesting. Before this, users had to browse through several pages of online listings manually.

Not only does this take longer, but it might also leave out users from potential property buys.


In gaming, AI has been around since its early years. In fact, AI is the brains behind the enemies that players face in games such as Pac-Man, Asteroids, Galaga, and more.

Back in the day, AI enemies would move at preset conditions that mostly direct them towards the player. Although it was fun, what enemies would do was predictable, thus making the game feel less immersive.

However, AI is now capable of letting players go up against AI-controlled enemies who can read and adapt to the player’s actions. Even the top players of strategic games such as Dota 2 can now be beaten by AI-controlled enemies.

Aside from ramping up the challenge tremendously, improved AI in gaming also results in more immersive titles.


At the moment, several car makers are working on autonomous or self-driving cars. All that’s left for AI technology to fully take off in the automotive industry is to secure the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

AI in cars isn’t limited to autonomous driving though, as it can also provide drivers with better safety measures.

With the use of better detection, drivers can easily avoid potential accidents or minor bumps on the road. Whether it be moving forward or backward, several inches or a few meters away, AI detection allows for accurate driving.

If autonomous cars finally take-off, it will be this same technology that can help prevent accidents on the road.

Bottom Line

AI has already disrupted a lot of industries, and there could be more in the future. What’s great about AI is that it is consistently progressing with the help of developers who are intent on unlocking its full potential. Beyond helping companies to get faster and better results, AI is also changing the lives of countless people worldwide.