Create Babysitting App like Uber


Without the on-demand babysitting apps, parenting would have never been easy.On-demand babysitting app is helping customers, business owners, and babysitters in multiple ways. Working parents find difficult to manage their children and work. It is impossible for most of the parents living in metropolitan cities to simultaneously manage their work and children. Thanks to on-demand babysitting apps like Uber! Now, parents can easily choose trusted and experienced babysitters or nannies and fully concentrate on their work.

Let’s talk from the business owners’ standpoint. Is it a lucrative option? Clearing your doubts, Statista has forecasted the insane demand for on-demand babysitting services in the coming time. Business owners can link babysitters and parents, and earn revenue on every request.


Besides the data presented by Statista, also predicts the demand and rising rate for babysitters. Parents are showing their trust in babysitting professionals, opening a path for future businesses. Now, parents can easily go for social outings and manage their work easily.

It is difficult for parents to show their trust in strangers. Thus, apps like Uber are creating a bridge for trusted solutions and leveraging from technology to cater to the demand.

Breaking the Traditional Ecosystem

Breaking the challenges, now, parents can easily organize their parenting and profession. Now, parents can entrust babysitters for their children. Apps comprising advanced and multiple features assure parents a reliable, safe and trusted solution.

Working of the App

Users can easily log in and choose the desired service with the help of multiple options. Some features are common while some not.

General Outlook

  1. Individual apps are available for parents and babysitters. In the first, babysitters and parents have to download the apps respectively.
  2. Users can start with the simple registration and search for babysitters or nannies.

  3. Thus, parents and babysitters can chat and schedule their meeting.

  4. Parents can pay after the completion of the service through multiple payment gateways.

  5. The working of the app is as simple as it looks.

  6. To develop an app like Uber, tech-savvy will have to add similar features. Check out the following features to create an advanced app.

Unique Features like Uber for Customers, Babysitters and Business Owners

We will cover the development stages for all apps. Check out the following features for the app.

1. Customers App

• Sign Up

Users can download and start with a simple registration option. Now, they can proceed for the registration.

• Chat & Alert

Parents can chat and fix a meeting. Furthermore, they can chat anytime with babysitters to get real-time updates.

• Profile View

Users can evaluate detailed findings through the profile view option. This option will dictate every essential related to business owners like experience, expertise, name, photo, etc.

• Ratings & Reviews

Customers can give ratings to babysitters and add details of the selected service. Thus, customers will gain insight and work accordingly.

• Instant Booking/ Scheduling

Users can easily book any service as per their requirements; for example, they can either select instant service or schedule for later.

• Tracking

Once booked, parents can track the location of babysitters and get real-time updates.

• Multiple Payment Gateways

An integrated platform will allow users to choose the preferred option for the payment. Besides the credit card, debit card, most customers prefer to pay through third-party gateways like Google Pay, Pay Pal. The multiple options will increase the customers’ retention rate.

• History-Info

Users can use past information to book for services. They need not fill details and request for the service from scratch.

2. Babysitter App

• Registration

Babysitters can also sign up through social media platforms like Facebook, email, phone numbers, etc.

• Toggle

Babysitters can easily show their online presence. This option is exclusively for business owners.

• Customer Info

Service providers will get to know details where services have to be delivered. For example, location info, customers profile, etc.

• Profile Management

Baby sitters can create a profile and mark necessary changes.

• Navigation Assistance

The in-app navigation will let babysitters reach the location.

• Earning Management

Babysitters can manage their earnings and keep eyes on the whole process.

3. Admin Panel

The admin panel is exclusively for business owners. Business owners can manage and keep their eyes on the other two apps. They can add changes and work according to it.

• Manage Bookings

Business owners can easily manage babysitters and bookings requested by customers.

• Manage Bookings

The dashboard will help in viewing and managing the appointments. They can either cancel or give the final acceptance.

• Dashboard

The dashboard will help in setting prices and managing services. Owners can easily get information related to commissions earned, requests, cancellations, etc.

• Real-time Tracking

An advanced architecture will help in tracking the location of service providers.

• Notification Alert

Customers will get to know about discounts, offers, promotion offers, etc. For example, they will share and earn great revenue.

The above features are an important part of an advanced app like Uber. Now, you can start applying changes to formulate the next advanced app.