How to start career in big data as a fresher


Big data is gradually becoming popular amongst people, especially freshers. And it deserves this hype because currently, it is a career that can give you ample of opportunities. The demand for data engineers, big data experts, and analysts has increased a lot in the last few years.

Big data has many avenues that you can explore, and thus, we will discuss how a fresher can make a career in big data. It’s not just about Hadoop, there are many things and fields and you should know about them.

Pre-requisites to make a career in Big data

  1.     You must have the big-data skulls to enter this field.
  2.     You must have knowledge about programming, SQL and server.

Roles you can have in Big data

Whether starting a career in big data or switching to it from some other field, you can select from different options and responsibilities as per your liking.

These are the different roles:

  • Big data developer
  • Big data architect
  • Big data analyst or administrator and so on.
  • Other roles depend on the current trending technologies like blockchain, security, and AI,      database and data science and so on.

Depending on the role you choose, you must know the basic technology used in that to start your career in this field. Like, if you want to be a big data engineer, knowledge about top programming languages is important.

Once you know which role you want to apply for, start searching for job vacancies and start sending out resumes. Be sure to make a resume that stands out and highlights the required kill for the particular role. To make a professional resume in minutes, use Canva resume maker, it is free.

Certification required to make a career in Big Data

Having certification in big data roles can help push your career, but only if you invest your time and money in the right certification. Below is a list of certification courses that can help build the career on a strong front.

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Administrator

This certification evaluates the ability of a candidate within core administration and system skills for clusters. The certification involves configuration, installation and maintenance skills for cloudera Hadoop ecosystem and clusters.

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Spark and Hadoop Developer

For developers who want to work in data transformation and processing, this certification is best. It tests their skills using spark and Apache Hadoop. It has 12-hands-on tasks.

SAS Certified Big Data Professional

A professional wanting to make a career using programming and want to learn about big data analysis using SAS should go for this. To pass this certification, you should know SAS, HIVE and Hadoop.

IBM Certified Data Architect- Big data

For a person seeking a career in data architect, this certification can help. It has five sections checking the skills a data architect should have to work on solutions and figuring out the needs of the customer.

Skills You Need

Big data is growing into a big industry and it requires professionals with expert skills. For freshers of this industry, these skills are necessary.

  1. Understand the profession : The best skill you must have to get a job in this filed is to understand the basics. Know what is a database and how you can manage it effectively is crucial. Other skills you should have are machine learning and data mining. Moreover, you must know a bit about quantitative and statistical analysis.
  2. More than one degree : If you are in college or a graduate, make sure you have more than one degree and a combination of qualifications. Having knowledge about different domains and backgrounds will help you immensely in this field.
  3. A curious mind : If you want to work in the big data industry, you need to have an inquisitive and open mind that is curious about everything. A data analyst especially needs to be curious as it can help you figure out the correct patterns in bulk data sets and apply correct logic to it to get expected results.


The above roles are great for anyone who wants to start a career in big data. Just keep these tips in mind and new avenues will open up for you.