Importance of Software to enhance productivity & sales of Company


Software plays a vital role to boost your business efficiency and productivity. If you are not moving toward the automation process, then you are many steps behind your competitor in the business because the automation process reduces your time talking and long process task, enhance each employee productivity, help to measure the importance and performance of each employee, etc. Nowadays for automation, most of the companies are using two major software one is for the automation of whole organization Enterprise Resource Planning and the Second one for the automation of HR operation is E-office 360, best HR software in India.  In this article, we mentioned the functionalities of ERP software and HR Software.

What is ERP?

The word ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning, which is used to organize the day to day activity in the company. ERP contains multiple integrations of software to perform a specific task for the organization. Here are some the list of software and their functionality which is mainly integrated with the ERP application.

The functionality of ERP Application!

  1. Organization Module
  2. Project management
  3. Payroll Module
  4. HR application
  5. Expense management
  6. Learning management
  7. Inventory Management
  8. AI assistance and Mobile application

Organization Module: The application is a complete solution for your organization because it will help you to manage the overall organization via data centralization. You can check the daily activity report of the company take decision accordingly, which help to boost your company productivity and workflow.

Project Management: The application helps to manage the project report of the company. To deliver the project at the right time is necessary, which makes your client happy and provide stability in the market. The application has multiple functions, which helps to manage project planning and scheduling, Project budgeting, Billing and quotes, team collaboration, time tracking, report, etc.

Payroll Module: To manage the employee’s payroll is a complex task while you are in the manual process, payroll application provides you the automation to calculate the wedges of employees and reduce time talking process. It will also help to manage the finance of the company if you will integrate appropriate API with Payroll application.

HR Application: The automation process of HR is always helpful if your company has a large number of employees, even you can integrate HR application in ERP for all in one solution. The functionality of the HR application is Mention below.

Expense management: The application helps to simplify the process of expense & it has further important feature like cost reduction, track transactions, easy compensation process for employees, increases output and employees satisfaction, accurate data, manages expense data anywhere, anytime, regular automated expense report, etc.

Learning management: Basically, the application is used for enhancing the product knowledge of employees via training management system, it helps to keep eyes on employees training session as well as you can measure the understanding & learning strength of employees, with the help of learning management system you can provide group training also individual training to their employee.

Inventory Management: To keep on eyes of every product in the company is necessary, the inventory management system helps to manage the record of products in the companies. The automation process of inventory management system reduces the human error, create a purchase order, keep track of inventory, assist for easily purchase, etc.

AI assistance and Mobile application: If you are looking forward to having ERP software then you need to integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence )application because it will learn from the system and perform human-like task continuously, and increase the security of your software.

If you want to use your mobile application you can convert some feature in the mobile application as well so you can manage employees anytime and anywhere.


Features of Best HR software In India | E-office 360

  • Automation of the Hiring Process
  • Calculation of attendance
  • Value of Performance Management
  • Importance of Asset management

Automation of the Hiring Process

To Hire Right talent for the company is necessary because the quality, talent, and Key role area of the candidate help to boost the productivity of the organization. The Automation of Recruitment process can ease to download data of valued candidate because you can integrate third-party API to download the resume data from other job sites, schedule the interview, onboarding functionality, etc.

Calculation of Attendance

Attendance and timesheet module is critically important for the organization because it will help to marks the leave, absent, short leave, half-days, etc. for the HR executive. It also shows the punctuality of employees as well as helps to calculate the salaries of each employee. Every organization can calculate the salary of employees on the basis of monthly attendance because you can integrate the payroll module to calculate the overall salaries of employees after deducting the taxes.

 Value of Performance Management System

Performance management is a key because it will help to measure the performance of each employee. The Automation of performance system enhance productivity as well as focused on better ROI and help to find the low productive employees. The PMS works in two scenarios, the first one is 180 degree, and the other one 360 degree.

Importance of asset management

Asset management is a specially important task for the organization. If your company has multiple branches in different Geo-location, then it is difficult to manage manually, the asset management has two major feature which is mention below:

  1. Distribution management
  2. Procurement Management

Distribution management: You can calculate the total asset distributed in the company with the help of automation distribution system, it also helps to maintain stock of the organization.

Procurement Management: The application helps to purchase goods and services from other vendor’s. You can add multiple vendor’s as per category and ask for the proposal of your requirement, the purchasing system also called procurement management system.

If You want to know more about the functionalities of the above software and service, you can Request A Free Demo. In the demo session, you will get to know about the practical knowledge of software also you will able to understand the importance of modules for your industry so you can easily customize the software.