Top 10 Off-Page SEO Checklist in 2019


When you get to know about a best seller, would you not want to know where it is found? Obviously, you will. And if you don’t get to know, you will just nag behind your parents to have it. In the same way after knowing about SEO, everyone would try to know about the tricks of that magic.
This is an article based on those tricks.
Let us learn to be a magician

1. Anchor Text Diversity

When we write an essay or an answer in English Literature, teachers ask us to underline the KEYWORDS. Isn’t it? Do you know why they advise so? This is because when they check piles of test copies, they can’t keep up their patience to read each and every line. Keywords perform as the eye-catcher of a text.
In the same way, Anchor texts have a great influence on the rankings in SERPS. As soon as a search is performed, Google Bot finds website that has links pointing to it over that specific anchor text keyword & related anchor text keyword. It will seem fishy to Google if your website has +80% links pointing towards the site for the specific anchor text hence it is advisable to diversify anchor text links, because the last thing you want is getting penalized by Google. For example, if you want to rank for “best red shoes” then don’t build all the links for that specific anchor text only, build some in diversity, like “where can I get best red shoes”, “best red shoes online”

An added advantage is that you may also begin ranking for related search terms.

2. Social Sharing

Social Sharing is one of the 200+ Ranking Factors that Google takes into account to rank your website in search results. There’s an agreeable correlation between Social Sharing and Search Engine Rankings. Cognitive SEO’s study of 23 Million shares proves it.
Social Sharing informs Google that people are liking this content hence it’s being shared often & Google wants its users to have a great user experience so that they don’t go for other search engines and keep using Google as their preferred search engine. For that to happen it’s important that Google rank relevant content in search results.
Social Sharing is a very important Off-Page SEO tactic to facilitate social sharing websites can be found using social sharer buttons to urge users to share the content if they love it. Brands establishing authority on Social & sharing content can also help to elicit followers to like the link share update, click through it to discover the content & moreover reshare the link share update. The more the link shares, the more the visibility your content on the web garners. In fact, if you head over to Buzzsumo & search content you will find that it enlists content that has garnered maximum social shares.

3. Consumer review sites

If you open a shop and do not give any advertisement or do not let people know about it, should your business run? Similarly, when you’re creating your own business by Google My Business of any other sites, let people know about the same so that consumers can leave back reviews for you. Do not engage in fake reviews or setting up multiple fake accounts to leave fake reviews, there are ways that you may get caught red-handed.
Review sites appear in rich results, Google search engine result pages will enlist your business with reviews denoted by stars. Such rich results urge users to check out your business, find the link to your business website & as a result, you can drive qualified referral traffic. Basically, with review sites you making available crucial information about your business in a very rich & organized format.

4. Content Marketing

Content is undoubtedly the best SEO strategy you can ever use. There are different forms of content you can use to ignite your website’s visibility & drive referral traffic as a result. You can use visual content & text-based content to strike a balance. Ranking a static one-page website without any content or blog page is a challenge of itself. Websites that tend to rank higher efficiently are the ones who are utilizing the power of blogging, guest blogging & overall content marketing. With Blogging, you can drive traffic to your website from search engine & even rank for competitive keywords with anchor text optimization. With visual content, you can build your tribe on social & drive referral traffic from there with regular updates.

5. Local Business listing sites

Local Business Listing sites can act as a gold mine for Local Business & Local SEO. Being a Local Business your business website needs to rank in its locale so that when people search for the product or services you sell; you appear in the search results.
There are some key local business listing sites like GoogleMyBusiness, Yelp & more that will help you do just that. These sites will enlist your business information in a rich format revealing information like reviews, contact, opening hours & address. GoogleMyBusiness will make your business details available on Google Maps. The best part? Your business may even qualify for discovery via voice search.

6. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging remains a very important off-page SEO activity & the best link building strategy. Guest Blogging essentially means posting content on websites related to your niche having decent domain authority. In exchange for providing them with content, you demand a dofollow backlink on the anchor text of your choice, that anchor text is preferably the keyword to aspire to rank for. When you successfully guest post on websites having more domain authority than your website & get a dofollow link in exchange then that gradually transfers a part of domain authority to your website.
Guest Posting helps in two ways. #1. It helps with raising Domain Authority which increases the likelihood of ranking higher in the SERPs. #2. With Anchor text dofollow link you rank higher for that keyword search in search engines.
As a rule of thumb, always guest post on sites having decent domain authority, nearly negligible spam score & high traffic.

Finding guest posting sites is quite easy. Just search on Google for
“Your Keyword” + “guest post”
“Your keyword” + “write+for+us”
“Your keyword” + “Contribute for us”
There are a plethora of other strategies to find guest posting sites.
7. Infographic Directories
When you get into a new book, if the book doesn’t contain any pictures or charts or if the font size is small, wouldn’t you feel bored? Yes, because it doesn’t attract you. Now just think, if you see such a thing in an article, how would you feel? Wouldn’t it be irritated?
In order to get rid of that feeling, infographic directories are created.
Make your article an attractive one. So that it forces an eye to read the whole thing after a vision. Incorporate a visually attractive infographic that adds lots of value & insights & then you can share that infographic on Infographic submission sites with link of that particular blog post page. There are good enough infographic submission sites like, Daily Infographic, Infographic Journal, Pinterest & many more. These sites can really flood your blog with traffic & help with image SEO.

8. Question and Answer sites

Question Answer process is one of the clear and ideal processes in order to get high traffic. You can join high PR Q&A sites and answer the questions related to your business. The traffic resulting from Q&A sites are qualified for referral traffic. A good example of a Q&A site is When used wisely you can drive tons of traffic to your website. There are people proactively asking questions every minute. You may answer their questions with a relevant anchor text link to your blog or business website to drive referral traffic.
A word of caution: Do Not stuff links in the answer or resort to plagiarism, Quora will ban your account right away.

9. Create shareable content

Outstanding content always wins in the competition where SEO is the judge. It is an absolute smart way of generating natural links to your website. What’s sharable content anyway? It’s that piece of content that answer pertinent questions which other blogs failed to answer. It’s that piece of content that has gained virality owing to the unique value proposition.
Such kind of content gets shared often which helps with search engine ranking & it doesn’t stop there; sharable content gains more discovery which helps with attracting links to your blog post content. It’s a passive link building technique that works like a charm.

10. Web 2.0 submission

Creating sub-domains under the parent domain is what Web 2.0 is. Few of them are, tumbler, blogger, WordPress and so on.

You can use Web 2.0 to enlist crucial information about your business. Few web 2.0 sites can be used to display the portfolio of your business, a few can be utilized for anchor text optimization. Web 2.0 sites play a very crucial role in Off-Page SEO as these sites help your business gain incremental visibility & rank for specific anchor text keywords. All the while these Web 2.0 sites will also rank in the SERPs displaying your business information & linking your primary website.

Stay up to date
When you find information after a great hard, would you not expect to have the complete and the latest contents? If not, you can hardly save them from your harsh words.
If you can give the latest contents to your blog, it will definitely carry a good review.

Let us end up with a magical experience.