Logitech home security camera started working with Apple HomeKit

Logitech announced today that their Circle 2 wired camera and mount will start work with Apple HomeKit. To do this, simply you need to setup your Circle 2 camera with Apple home app and enjoy live streaming on your iPhone, iPad devices from anywhere, also you can do  home automation like switch on lights automatically when camera detects motion.

Circle 2 and HomeKit gives you access to your camera’s live stream from the Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, this will work on same wifi when you are at home and it can also work remotely if you have an Apple TV® or iPad set up as a home hub. If you’re in the kitchen and you want to know that who knocking the door, just ask Siri to show the camera live view with a simple command, “Hey Siri, show me the Home Security camera.”. This will show you camera stream live.

“HomeKit truly complements the simplicity of setting up and using Circle 2,” said Vincent Borel, director of new ventures at Logitech. “We’re focused on building experiences that let you easily and securely control your Circle 2 camera, while expanding its capabilities. Whether you’re checking on the kids from another room with your iPad or looking for extra peace of mind while you’re away, HomeKit makes Circle 2 work even smarter for you and your family.”

If you are away to home, you can receive rich notification on your iPhone, iPad and Apple watch about Circle 2 activities. Or you can use circle 2’s motion censor to do home automation like switching on lights when motion is detected.

The Circle 2 Wired camera, and the camera when attached to the Plug Mount or Window Mount all work with Apple HomeKit.

Availability and price

Circle 2 Wired is available now at retailers nationwide, and will be in Apple stores and Apple.com, starting in October in the U.S. and Europe for $179.95. The Circle 2 Window Mount will also be available in Apple stores for $39.95. The Circle 2 Plug Mount will be available on Apple.com for $29.95. To learn more, visit Logi.com/Circle2.


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