10 Ways Technology Will Streamline Advertising in 2019


The practice of advertising has already been transformed quite drastically by modern technology. Advertisements that were previously localized to television, newspapers, and maybe some billboards along the highway are now everywhere and we have technology to thank for that.

We can also thank technology for the fact that the quality of the ads has changed. You can easily say that the ads of today are more sophisticated and smarter. Marketers know their target demographics well and adjust accordingly.

It’s not over yet though, not by a longshot. As much as advertising has already changed, it will likely evolve more in the years to come. 

In this article, you will learn more about the changes brought about by new technology that are already making an impact in the advertising industry.

1. Even Greater Emphasis on Mobile Devices

Do you know anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone? These days, smartphones aren’t considered luxuries. They are simply essential to participating in modern society.

Companies have taken note of that and reconfigured their ads and websites to fit the mobile platform. With smartphones only becoming more powerful, you can count on advertisers putting even more emphasis on coming up with mobile-friendly ads.

2. More Ads That Feature Creative Content

Many companies have already turned to native advertising to boost their sales and that does not seem likely to end anytime soon. More and more consumers are becoming pickier with the content they consume. Companies are keeping up by producing ads that actually feature creative writing and storytelling.

3. Personalized Emails Provided to Subscribers

If you subscribe to a website newsletter, you won’t just be greeted by generic content that’s seen by everyone else. Today, companies now curate content specifically based on your preferences. Even if you dreaded receiving those newsletters in the past, they may very well be worth checking out now.

4. Social Media Will Be Involved More in Marketing Strategies

Companies have already fully embraced social media and even if you would prefer them to stay clear of your news feeds and timelines, they are unlikely to go away.

According to BrandWatch, there are around 3.397 billion active social media users all over the world. Companies will obviously do everything they can to maintain a connection with those users and that means continuing to make their presence felt on social media.

5. Influencers Will Be Featured More Prominently

Considering the popularity of social media, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the individuals who have learned to leverage it to their gain have become celebrities themselves. Not all social media influencers may be household names, but they can certainly resonate with the younger folks who companies are always trying to engage.

6. Expect Visual and Voice Searches to Be the Focus of More Marketers

Visual and voice searches are being utilized by more people these days as they explore more convenient ways to find the information and products they need. More marketing professionals are becoming aware of this and are responding by designing the websites they manage to be compatible with visual and voice searches.

7. Video Marketing Will Continue to Be Essential to Businesses

Going back to that BrandWatch article, 78 percent of social media users watch a video at least once per week and 55 percent of them do so on a daily basis. There’s obviously a ton of value in videos right now and you can bet that companies and advertisers will capitalize on that.

8. Augmented Reality Is Set to Become a More Utilized Marketing Tool

Augmented reality (AR) is more prevalent than you probably think. As noted by this article posted on, AR is already being utilized by companies such as Snapchat and phone manufacturers are starting to pay more attention to it as well. It’s only a matter of time before AR is utilized as another advertising platform as well.

9. Chatbots Are Expected to Be Utilized Further

Don’t let the failure of Microsoft’s “Tay” chatbot fool you. These examples of sophisticated artificial intelligence still present great value to companies who are constantly looking for better ways to engage visitors to their websites. These bots have proven especially useful for improving customer service and helping SaaS businesses reduce customer churn. Expect to converse more often with these chatbots as you browse online.

10. Tech Giants Are Going to Sell You More on Their Transparency

2018 was a rough year for Facebook as the company received plenty of criticism for the way they handled their users’ data. People have become more aware of how important it is for them to be aware of how companies manage their information.

In the near future, you can expect to see more businesses sell themselves by promoting how they will securely handle the information users surrender to them.

Advertising is no longer just about creating something exciting and interesting. It’s also about putting forth content that resonates with certain people on a platform they use often. Effective marketing also has to take into account how easy the ads are to access.

Technology is what made all of that possible and it will continue to shape the present and future of advertising for years to come.

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D. Scott Carruthers spent many of his formative years around food, but discovered later on that he also possessed a passion for writing. He has since combined those passions and is now known nationally as a food writer.