10 Things You Didn’t Know About Apple Siri

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There aren’t many people in the world who don’t know who Siri is. Created by SRI International in 2010, it has been a great success. Siri was the first of its kind. The first technology assistant. Apple introduced it in 2011. Siri is very smart and can do many different things. There are some things that we could call hidden talents. These are things that most people don’t know that Siri can do.

Siri Counts Calories

Siri can count the nutritional value of any item that you are going to consume. All that needs to be done is by asking. It will count down from the calories to the fat content in everything and is great for weight loss.

Password Protected

Siri is the mastermind behind many things. Why not let her figure out a great password for you. All that’s needed is for the user to say “Siri, password.” This allows it to assign you an 8 character password that is secure.

Learn different languages

Asking Siri a question is as easy as saying it out loud. Learn different languages by asking Siri how to say something in that language. An even cooler thing is by learning Morse code with Siri. She will give you the input needed to say anything in Morse code.

The Odds

Learn the odds too many different games. This is especially helpful in card games such as poker to find out the odds on the cards were drawn. It is best used with any game of luck. Users ask the odds of the card or item that’s needed to know which way to go on your next move.

Safer Driving

Siri does everything by command. This makes it easier and safer while driving. Asked Siri to play a song or read out loud your last message received. It is all done as you are driving without needing to look down at your phone.



Siri, like people, isn’t perfect. Sometimes we hear what we want to hear. Sometimes we are misunderstood. If this happens with Siri then it is an easy fix. Users tap on the incorrect word or statement and type in the correction. You can also say the words “change it.” That will change the words as well.


Dismissing Siri is easy and simple. All users need do is tell her goodbye. She will respond in kind to you before disappearing.

Social Media

Siri will post to social media on your sites for you. All Users should do is tell her to post to whatever social media site they want to go to. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Etc.


Siri is also able to find certain things for users. Ask her to find a schedule in your email. You can also ask when the schools holiday break is.


Siri is a math whiz. Anything from asking her measurement conversions to percentages for tips. She knows the precise math and will give a concise answer.

Technology continues to grow more and more over the years. It makes life more convenient and easier for everyone. There are always the hidden secrets in every branch of technology that people love to figure out. Siri is no different.

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