Facebook launches messenger kids for kids under 6-13

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Facebook, the social media giant, after launched in 2004, it reached new heights with appx 2 billion monthly active users (Source wiki). After using this  for so many years it seems that facebook is the part of our daily life. It has entered in our life silently and now, Facebook is started entering into your kid’s life. Facebook revealed a new messenger named as Messenger Kids targeting the age of 6-13 years.

According to facebook current rule, children under 13 can’t join facebook because of age restrictions. But, they can use Messenger kid and that would be controlled by their parents account.  The app is launched for US only and facebook claims that it is developed after talking to thousands of parents, associations like National PTA, and parenting experts in the US, so that kids get connected with their loved ones.


Today, children are being addicted to tablet, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets and I believe this would make them more addicted of it. However, there is increasing number of parents who allows their children to us electronic gadgets.

In recent days we have seen a trend that companies are launching targeted apps for children. It was last month when Youtube launched youtube kid app where parents are able to customise the data according to child’s age group. Also, Amazon launched a new way to shop for teenagers where they will get connected through their parent’s account.

Messenger app is full of features for kids with Playful masks, emojis and sound effects bring conversations to life. They can do text chat, video chat send pictures to parent-approved contacts. The home screen shows them at a glance who they are approved to talk to, and when those contacts are online.


To get your child enabled with messenger app, you need to download the app, authenticate with your facebook account, then you need to enter child name to create account (This will not be the facebook account). Now, you are all set to add the contacts for your children.

Messenger Kids is also designed to be compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). This preview of Messenger Kids is only available in the US at this time on the Apple App Store, and will be coming to Amazon App Store and Google Play Store in the coming months.